dr-vivero-headshotThis is a common question that I receive each time I offer a patient voice therapy. Voice therapy, however, is not intended to teach you how to talk. We all know how to talk. Its purpose is to help you talk more efficiently.

The analogy I like to provide is that of a marathon runner. We often consider athletes to be in great physical condition. From time to time, they hurt themselves and need to see a physical therapist to get back on track. It’s not because they can’t run.

However, the athlete may develop compensatory behaviors following an injury that cause them to use muscles differently and, sometimes, inefficiently. The same holds true for singers and everyday voice uses. Voice therapy is a great tool for dealing with these problems as it helps gets you back on track. In many cases, it’s a great way to avoid surgery in the long term. Keep this in mind the next time your doctor discusses voice therapy.