Awake laser surgery is a safe, well-tolerated procedure that treats various benign and pre-malignant growths of the vocal fold such as papilloma and dysplasia/leukoplakia. Our practice is one of the few centers in the country to offer this procedure.

Awake laser surgery

Advantages of awake laser surgery include avoidance of a general anesthetic, decreased time in the office/endoscopy suite versus an operating room, and a quicker recovery. The procedure is also less costly, as an operating room and general anesthesia are not required.

Awake laser surgery is performed using a flexible camera and a laser fiber placed through the nose. Using a television monitor, the surgeon can see the entire throat and voicebox.

A laser fiber is then directed to the areas of concern and pulsed laser light is used to the treat disease. Our center uses a green light KTP laser, which specifically targets the blood supply to the lesion while maximally preserving surrounding good tissue.

The patient remains awake for the entirety of the procedure and can interact with the surgeon. Anesthesia is applied locally to the areas being treated or in conjunction with light sedation in either the office or an endoscopy suite. The patient can usually eat one hour following the procedure and can return home the same day.

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