Speech/voice therapy is a physical rehabilitation program to improve function of the larynx (voice box). Voice therapy is usually recommended to facilitate recovery of adequate function of the voice. Changes in the structure or function of the voice box can change the way that the vocal folds/larynx work and can result in these symptoms:

  • Hoarseness
  • Throat soreness/tightness
  • Decreased pitch range
  • Difficulty projecting the voice
  • Decreased vocal endurance
  • Vocal weakness

In most cases, acid reflux, excessive voice use, upper respiratory infections/colds, surgery, and/or the aging process precede the above symptoms.

Your therapy will be performed by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) who has extensive training and experience in the treatment of voice disorders. The frequency of therapy will be determined by the SLP after you receive a comprehensive evaluation.

Patients receiving voice therapy typically attend sessions once a week for approximately eight weeks. However, treatment plans are individualized and the SLP may recommend a specific treatment protocol that may indicate a greater frequency. Therapy may include the use of specific equipment and instrumentation to facilitate vocal rehabilitation. Therapy sessions last 30 – 60 minutes and are one-on-one with the therapist. Families and caregivers are encouraged to attend the sessions as well.

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