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• Videostroboscopy
• Voice and Swallow Therapy
• Phonomicrosurgery
• Laser surgery
• Vocal fold injections
• Thyroplasty (Laryngoplasty)
• Airway reconstruction

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"I can honestly say that after dealing with many physicians at different levels, I am confident that I'm in very good hands." - Cancer Surgery client, Miami

Life with An Uncontrollable Voice

The Atlantic recently published a great article on Spasmodic Dysphonia.  It provides a good description of the disease process and the...

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Dr. Vivero Invited to Lecture Internationally on Cancer

Dr. Vivero was recently invited to present the keynote lecture at the Hospital General Plaza de la Salud 12th International...

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Celebrate World Voice Day, April 16!

Mark your calendars!  It’s time to celebrate World Voice Day on April 16. The day serves as a reminder to...

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Dr. Vivero on the Radio!

Dr. Vivero will be interviewed March 4, 2014 at 11 am on WDNA 88.9 FM.  The topic of the interview...

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The Voice — More Than a Reality Show!

Dr. Vivero was recently profiled by Baptist Health regarding his work on voice disorders to raise awareness about voice issues...

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What’s in a voice?

Voices and their importance to our society should not be underestimated. Wikipedia understands the voice’s importance and recently launched a...

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Do I really need to learn how to speak?

This is a common question that I receive each time I offer a patient voice therapy. Voice therapy, however, is...

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What’s in a strobe?

A Videostroboscopy or a “Strobe” is designed to provide highly detailed examinations of the vocal cords and their function. It...

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What do I do if I have a voice problem?

A person’s voice serves as their vocal signature. In many social situations, it defines our interactions with the people around...

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Launch of

Richard J. Vivero, MD and South Florida ENT Associates are proud to announce the launch of The site is...

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