A Videostroboscopy or a “Strobe” is designed to provide highly detailed examinations of the vocal cords and their function. It can be performed either via a rigid endoscope placed in the mouth or a flexible camera, which is passed through the nose. Using a videocamera system and pulsations of light tied to the frequency of vibration of the vocal folds, the vocal folds can be made to appear as if they are operating in slow motion. In this way, the physician can make accurate and highly specific observations on the function of the vocal cords and helps explain very subtle reasons why someone may experience hoarseness. A standard examination using a flexible scope, which is done in most ENT offices, only allows us to make a determination if the vocal cords can move and whether there are masses visible. A normal exam does not allow us to determine if there is scar present or an underlying cyst. South Florida ENT is fortunate to have the only fully high definition videostroboscopy system in South Florida, which allows for the best quality images possible.

When it comes to your voice, there is really no better diagnostic choice than a videostroboscopy. It is the optimal way to determine the underlying reason for hoarseness. Make sure to ask you physician for a videostroboscopy if you feel that your voice is just not right.